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Darth Vader Clone? You are aware that The Winter Soldier predates Darth Vader as a character by AT LEAST a decade right? Also The Hobbit as a book was written long before Star Wars was ever a movie. Yes The Pale Orc wasn't originally in the books but the story he was crafted for in Film is still in fact older. As for Rinzler, he is a part of a franchise that is only a few years younger than the first Star Wars film. Use examples that make sense. Do your research.

Whoa there friend. Did you have a bad day? Do you need a hug?
Here, come closer, we can talk.

First of all, I’m doing it just for fun. I own nothing with this tumblr, it’s just a hobby ‘cause I have a life outside here.

Second, did you ever thought that “Darth Vader Clone” is just a nomenclature to define a certain type of character and make things easier? And not that he’s literally, a clone?

Anyway, you have your opinion, I have mine and we don’t need to agree, just respect each other =)